Oldham Wood Murphy Beds and Designs

“Hired on faith, one is obliged to be more than expected."       
– Walt Longmire/Craig Johnson

If you live in or around New England USAand you are considering Murphy Bed or Wall Bed options for your home, look no further than Oldham Wood. From Murphy Bed design to installation and service, Oldham Wood can help with all your Murphy Bed needs.

At Oldham Wood, we have a creative can-do attitude and believe you are only limited by your imagination! We have been custom-designing Murphy Beds for more than 15 years! After passionately woodworking for many years, we discovered a niche market in creating Murphy Beds with unusual materials. Over time, we have become the “Murphy Bed” experts!

  • Are you considering the benefits of a Murphy bed for your home?

    With advantages like adding an extra sleeping space or maximizing the use of your space, there are many reasons for choosing to install a Murphy bed. In addition to many practical benefits, the Murphy bed design options at Oldham Wood can also add an aesthetic appeal. Do you have a particular theme established in the room where you want to install a Murphy bed? Do you have a particular preference for the type of wood or appearance of your Murphy bed enclosure? Then let the team at Oldham Wood help.

  • Custom Murphy Bed Services

    For nearly two decades, we have built, installed, and designed Murphy beds for customers in 

    New England, and the surrounding communities. At Oldham Wood, however, we also take Murphy bed design services to the next level with our free custom design service.

    Do you have an idea for a wall bed design in mind? Have you imagined a unique look for a Murphy bed, or perhaps you have even drawn a sketch? If you have an idea for a Murphy bed in your home, then share it with us.

    At Oldham Wood, we will create a 3D drawing based on your concepts. Let us create and build your own custom Murphy bed from the design style, color, and size. And don't worry if we don't get it right the first time — we will work with you until we have the perfect model.

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Oldham Wood Murphy Beds 

Welcome to Oldham Wood Murphy beds, your local experts in all things Murphy beds. From building to design and styles, and professional installation, we are your source and the solution for all your Murphy bed ideas and needs. Whether you're looking for a functional and stylish Murphy Bed for your home, office, or studio, Oldham Wood has the skills & knowledge to create the custom design you want.

The team at Oldham Wood has honed their craft through years of experience and dedication, and they bring unparalleled expertise to the industry. That means that you also get the best possible Murphy bed options and services in and around New England.

For your next Murphy bed, trust the Murphy bed experts at Oldham Wood. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a consultation, and let's build something great together.