Oldham Wood: The Murphy Bed Store

When we need a new vehicle, we go to a car lot. When we need groceries, we go to the grocery store, or if we need furniture, we make a trip to the furniture store. So, if you need Murphy wall beds, you would go to the Murphy bed store, wouldn't you? 

Yes, a Murphy bed store like Oldham Wood. And at Oldham Wood, we have many traditional and beautiful Murphy bed styles, like cherry and pine, but we also offer much more. Have a great design idea for a Murphy bed? Then we can build it. Our services help you find or create your perfect Murphy bed.

Murphy Wall Bed Designing

Customers at Oldham Wood discover more than a Murphy bed store and service, they also have the opportunity to design and create their own wall beds. In addition to having the freedom to dream of your own Murphy bed design, the program is also free to use.

Modeling Your Dream Wall Bed

Once we have decided on considerations such as size and dimensions, colors, and material, it is time to create a model. At Oldham Wood, we take your ideas (and even your drawings if you have them) and create 3D models of your design. The tools and technology of today make this process easy and quick, so don't worry if we need to make a few models to get your dream wall bed design.

Building Murphy Beds

When it comes time to make your model Murphy bed a reality, we get to work on building it exactly the way you want. With our experienced and professional craftsmanship, you will love the final product.

Installation Services

We also offer installation of your wall beds. That means all you have to do is pick one or design one, and let us take care of the rest. If you live in or around New England, and are considering adding a Murphy bed to your home or office — from start to finish, we can help.

Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation to design and create your new Murphy bed at Oldham Wood, the Murphy bed store.