Murphy Bed Installations in Boston, MA

A Murphy bed is an ideal way to maximize the usefulness of the space inside your home or apartment. Many homes and buildings in southern New Hampshire and the greater Boston area are very old and have limited space for improvements. The Oldham Wood in Salisbury, NH, helps you to get the most out of otherwise limited spaces with expert Murphy bed installations in Boston, MA.

Just What Is a Murphy Bed?

Murphy Bed installed in Boston, MA

A Murphy bed is an ingenious way to turn a dayroom into a bedroom when it is time to get some sleep. You can buy a Murphy bed that ranges from full-size to king-size along with a mattress that does not include box springs.

The mattress is thick, comfortable, and affixed to the bedframe. The frame is attached to a wall and hinged so that you can lift it up and out of the way during the day. When bedtime arrives, you can pull it out and down to enjoy a long and comfortable slumber.

Advantages of a Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed enables you to use a space during the daytime and turn it into a place to sleep at night. You might use a Murphy bed on a nightly basis or keep it tucked away until you have guests and need room for them to sleep.

A proper Murphy bed installation hides in plain sight with only its wood underside visible when not in use. It blends in perfectly with shelving units that can help to hide an amply-sized Murphy bed. People can look right at it and just see an aesthetically pleasing wooden surface that can combine storage and a sleeping area seamlessly.

How Much Time To Install Murphy Beds in Boston, MA?

Our efficient, experienced, and highly skilled team can install Murphy beds in Boston, MA, in one or two days. The amount of time depends on the size and type of Murphy bed we are installing. Some beds and rooms require more preparation to deliver the best results.

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