Murphy Desk Beds in Boston, MA

At Oldham Wood, we are experts in the sale and installation of Murphy desk beds in Salisbury and Boston, MA. When you need Boston Murphy beds, we’re here to help. Murphy desk beds can be a useful addition to any Boston home. By adding a Murphy bed to your home or office, you make better use of your home’s space and gain the flexibility to turn a room into both an office and a place to rest. Here's more information about Murphy desk beds and why you should consider a custom Murphy wallbed to maximize your space. (603) 369-4643

Uses for Murphy Desk Beds

Make a Flexible Home Office: If you have your home office in a guest room, you may have your desk placed next to a bed. This can make the room feel cluttered and the office aspect of it out of place. By adding a Murphy desk bed, you gain a room that feels like a dedicated home office that can also serve as a place for guests to stay when visiting your home.

You Don’t Have Much Space: In some cases, you may not have much room. Some floor plans in a Boston residence are not very large, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without. Adding a Murphy desk bed means you can have a bedroom and office in the same space without losing the usefulness of both.

You Need a Home Office: With working from home and telecommuting becoming a more accepted part of modern working, sometimes a home office is a necessity. Adding a Murphy desk bed allows you to have a home office even if you don’t have much space available or lack a spare room.


Custom Murphy wallbed installations have many options to customize your desk bed to fit your specific wants and needs. You can add useful add-ons such as a power outlet, added mattress, a light bridge along the top of your desk bed, or a pillow guard when the bed is lowered. All of these add-ons make your desk bed more useful for both work and sleep.

When You Need a Murphy Desk Bed in Boston

Oldham Wood is located in nearby Boston, MA. We are experts at providing Boston residents with Murphy desk beds that fit their home and their specific needs. If you think a desk bed could improve your home, contact us today.